March 19th, 2011

Prof. Julia K. Littlefield is the creator of Julie K. Tells The Adventures of Zoe & Sophia: The Sublime Consumers of the Lightness of Being.  Julia resides in the greater Boston area and has had several professions including that of a trial attorney.  Currently, she teaches writing and literature at Roxbury Community College.  Although Julia is a recently single women in her fifties, navigating the waters of virtual dating, the stories are fictional and any similarity to real individuals or circumstances is purely co-incidental.     

Julia’s objective for this project is entertainment with a little philosophy thrown in.   She also finds that the teachings of of Pema Chodron, the American Buddhist writer, provide a compass for living, especially when people’s lives are falling apart.  It is Julia’s hope that everyone will enjoy Zoe & Sophia, but especially readers who want to heal and use laughter as a path.

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